For more than 25 years, Quality Assurance Consultancy has supported private and public organizations with an unmatched team of experienced, expert professionals.

Through our remarkable track record, we offer a full complement of GxP compliant Archiving Solutions that reduce the time and expense involved in meeting your critical internal and regulatory requirements.   Supporting Mission-Critical Initiatives: We provide industry-recognized approaches to assure that all documents, specimens and electronic media are maintained under full GxP compliance backed by a team of archivists who afford you unmatched expertise gained through years of experience. From performing document inventories, verification, storage and retrieval, as well as database management, our specialists can support your company’s unique requirements.   Featuring Premier Facility: Our facility is administered under our own stringent standard operating procedures (SOPs) and validated through regularly scheduled inspections by multiple government agencies to ensure compliance with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA’s) regulations. From security and protection management, to storage and environmental management, our archive facility features the following:  
  • FM-200™ fire suppression system
  • VESDA® early-warning fire detection system featuring optical density laser smoke detection
  • Security system with 24-hour monitoring
  • Room temperature archiving for:
    • Documents and electronic media
    • Test/control/reference substances/articles
    • Wet-tissue specimens
    • Paraffin-embedded blocks
    • Microscopic slides
  • -20 ºC and -80 ºC freezer archiving
  • 1 to 8 ºC refrigerator archiving
  • Temperature and humidity-controlled environment to prevent deterioration
  • Backup generator
  • Limited and controlled access
  • Timely retrieval and distribution of records
  • Document scanning and storage
  • Secure disposal options