Pesticide Regulatory Files Review

QAI has reviewed hundreds of pesticide regulatory files for compliance with EPA’s Label Review Manual and PR Notice 98-10. Our team includes industry professionals with extensive backgrounds in regulatory affairs and formulation chemistry. QAI can conduct a similar review of registration, production, and advertising files for EPA-registered products to preemptively identify potential regulatory problems, and correct procedures before possible EPA intervention. Tasks include:
  • A complete review of the submissions to EPA, and of EPA’s responses.
  • A complete review of all final printed labels, and submissions to States.
  • A complete review of the CSF and formulations “recipes”, including documentation of suppliers.
  • A complete review of Quality Control analysis results.
  • A complete review of all labeling and advertising, including promotional materials.
Our reports include suggestions of improvements to your procedures to improve compliance with regulatory requirements. Label Review Manual PR Notice 98-10 PR Notice 2007-4